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Pic Combo Answers – Level 10 Solutions

Here you’ll find all the answers to Pic Combo Level 10. The game is made by Games for Friends GmbH and is super fun, if you like this kind of game.
Below we’ve collected all the answers for level 10 for you. The pictures in each level comes random, so to make it easier for you, we’ve written what images we got on each of these.
If you’re on your computer you can search by doing this:
Microsoft: Ctrl+f
Mac: Cmd+f
Then just search for what you see on the screen, and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.
Hopefully these hints, cheats and answers will help you find the solution for the level you’re on.
Pic Combo Level 10 Answers:
Breadcrumbs – bread + crumbs
Breadwinner – Bread + a golden medal
Bricklayer – a man holding a brick + 3 bricks
Bridegroom – a bride + a groom
Brimstone – A farmer girl + a stone
Bulldog – A bronze bull + a dog
Bullfrog – a bull + a frog
Cellphone – cell bars + a phone
Cufflinks – hand cuffs + links
Doorjamb – A big door + jam on bread
Facelift – A round face + a skiing lift
Facemask – A sad face + a mask
Face-off – masks on a wall + a red on/off button
Fancy – A fan + the letter c
Farmhand – A hen on a farm + a green hand
Fastball – A cheetah running + a basket ball
Fingertip – A finger pointing right + a cup with money next to it
Firefly – A fireplace + a fly
Fishbone – a fish + a bone
Fistfight – A fist + 2 people yelling at each other
Fistful – a fist + a man with a big belly
Flapjack – a pigeon + a man working on a car
Floodlight – a man standing in a lot of water + a flashlight on a table
Forebear – the number 4 + a bear
Foreshadow – 4 fingers pointing up + a man and his shadow
Hairball – blonde hair + a tennis ball
Hairclip – black haired woman + a scissor and some paper
Hairnet – Blonde hair + a net
Handful – A hand pointing left + a full moon
Handrail – a hand + a rail
Handsaw – a hand + a chainsaw
Mudflap – mud + a woman with a hat on
Outbreak – A man being kicked out of an office + a whole in a glass
Stepbrother – a step + a baby
Stonewall – 2 stones + a red brick wall
Sunbeam – a sun + a beam of light
Sunbird – a yellow sun + a bird at the water
Sunblock – A man fishing at sunrise + someone holding his hand up
Sunburn – A sun + a tree burning
Sundial – A sun and planets + a man dialing on a phone
Sundress – a sunrise + a dress
Sunset – A sun on the sky + a man playing tennis
Sunstroke – A sun + someone petting a cat
Thunderstorm – Thunder + someone with a red umbrella in a storm
Tiebreaker – A tie + a wave
Toothless – A tooth + a sign with -20%
Toothpick – a tooth + a miner
Watchful – A golden watch + a glass full of coke
List will be update as soon as there’s more levels