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Pic Combo Answers – Level 11 Solutions

Are you looking for answers for Pic Combo level 11? We completed this level and you’ll find the solutions and a description of the images below.
You can, if you’re on a computer search this site to find what you’re looking for.
PC: Ctrl + f
Mac: Cmd + f
Then just search for what you see on the screen, for example: “cat + woman” and see which solutions include these images.
Blackboard – black foot steps + a chess board
Breadbasket – a bread and some corn + a fruit basket
Breakout – Woman with a broken arm + an exit sign
Breathtaking – a woman with a baby + a woman taking a picture
Bullhorn – a bull + an instrument
Burnout – matches burning + a child sitting at a window looking out
Castaway – A leg in a cast + a child walking
Catwalk – a cat + a woman on the beach
Cellmate – Prison cell + a chess piece falling
Cheeseburger – A cheese + a burger
Chestnut – a treasure chest + a nut
Cloudburst – a cloud + a balloon
Codebreaker – a key + people breaking up a road
Coinage – A 1 euro coin + a birthday cake
Concave – a man with a long nose + a cave entrance
Concord – a man with a tie + a baby
Context – a man in a suit crossing his fingers + a woman texting
Copyright – a man being copied + a right sign
Cornbread – Corn + bread
Courtship – basketball court + a ship
Downgrade – An orange hand pointing down + a list of different grades
Farmhouse – a farm + a dog house
Firebrand – a fire + a horse being branded
Fishtail – A fish + a text saying once upon a time
Floodgate – a flood + a gate to a big house
Forefront – A clover + a front door
Forerunner – 4 aces + a woman running
Gingerbread – A red haired woman + bread
Gradeschool – Grade B+ + a school class
Handcuffs – a hand + a man in a shirt
Loudspeaker – A lot of large speakers + a woman speaking in front of people
Schoolboy – a fish school + a boy jumping
Sidewinder – A person pushing something sideways + a green and yellow robot
Stepchild – a step ladder + a girl child
Sweetbreak – Honey + baguette bread
Tailpipe – a tail + pipe smoke
Thunderbolt – thunder storm + bolts
Thunderclap – Thunder + people clapping
Whiteboard – a white doctors jacket + a chess board
Windbag – Windmills + a white bag
Windburn – a tree tilting in the wind + a fire place
Windchill – a flower in the wind + a line of freezers
Windmill(l) – a kite in the sky + a salt grinder
Windshield – A cloud blowing + a shield
Windsurfing – a car + a guy surfing a wave
Windowpane – windows + a back in pain
Windpipe – A ship sailing on the sea + a man fixing some pipes
Windproof – a woman with an umbrella in the wind + a brush