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Pic Combo Answers – Level 12 Solutions

Playing the game Pic Combo and getting stuck once in a while? Then you should really check our guide for level 12 out! We completed the level, and below you’ll find all the answers listed alphabetically and with descriptions of the images next to it. That way it’s easy for you to find the answer(s) you’re looking for, and complete these levels!
If you’re on your computer you can easily search this guide. Simply do this:
PC: Ctrl + f
Mac: Cmd + f
Once that’s done simply type in what you see in the images. For example if one of the things you see is a bullet, you’ll type in bullet and you’ll find all the answers that’s including an image of a bullet! Easy as that!
Breakneck – a thief breaking in through a window + bottle necks
Breathless – A child breathing in a machine + -50%
Bridesmaid – Brides + a maid
Bulletproof – a gun bullet + a mathematical proof of something
Bullfighter – A black bull + a boxer
Bullwhip – a bull + whipped cream
Cellblock – a jail cell + a cube with the letter f on it
Childhood – a girl watering plants + red riding hood
Childless – A boy child + a red arrow pointing downwards
Childproof – a child cooking + a fingerprint
Clipboard – Clips + a blackboard
Clownfish – a clown + a fish
Codebook – numbers in the air (1s and 0s) + a black book
Copycat – a man copying + a black cat
Cornflake – corns + snow flake
Doorbell – a door + a bell
Drywall – Desert + a man building a wall
Earflap – a boy listening + a bird on a stick
Fanfare – a fan + ride in a fare
Fingernail – a finger pointing right + a nail
Firebomb – fire + bomb
Firefighter – fire place + a boxer
Fisheye – A lot of sharks + a colored eye
Fishnet – a fish + a tennis net
Fleabag – a flea + a red bag
Floodplain a flood + plain bread
Forearm – A man playing golf + an robotic arm
Foresight – Something black on white + an optician looking at a clients eyes
Godchild – An open book (bible) + a baby
Grandchild – a grand piano + children at computer keyboards
Handout – a hand + exit sign
Handshake – hand + strawberry milkshake
Heartburn – a heart + fire
Mudflat – mud/sand + a flat balloon
Newscast – a man reading a paper + a woman with arm and leg in cast
Overtake – Words (divorce, separation) + someone pickpocketing
Takeover – A lot of hands grabbing something orange + a horse jumping
Tugboat – 2 men on a cliff + a motorboat
Sunflower – Sun + a flower
Wallflower – wall + a rose
Wetlands – water drops on a window + different flags
Wetsuit – wet hair + a suit
Windtunnel – a cloud + a tunnel
Wolfhound – A wolf + a dog biting a rabbit or something
Woodwind – Pieces of wood + windmill