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Pic Combo Answers – Level 6 Solutions

Here you’ll find all the answers to Pic Combo Level 6. The game is made by Games for Friends GmbH and is super fun, if you like this kind of game.
Below we’ve collected all the answers for level 6 for you. The pictures in each level comes random, so to make it easier for you, we’ve written what images we got on each of these.
If you’re on your computer you can search by doing this:
Microsoft: Ctrl+f
Mac: Cmd+f
Then just search for what you see on the screen, and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.
Hopefully these hints, cheats and answers will help you find the solution for the level you’re on.
We’ve sorted the answers in alphabetically order
Pic Combo Level 6 Answers:
Barnyard: A barn with some hay + a lawnmower
Bathhouse: A bathing room + a house
Bird Brain: A bird in the air + a brain
Bookworm: An open book + a green worm
Cablegram: Cables + a weight
Cancel: A can + a cell with a blue background
Cargo: A car + a stop sign showing “Go”
Cartoon: A wooden cart + a cartoon baby
Cartwheel: A drawn farmer on a cart + a cars wheel
Catcall: A cat + someone with a megafon at his mouth
Catnap: A paw + someone taking a nap in a hammock
Cowboy: A cow + a boy
Database: Data sheet + an electric base
Deerskin: A deer + a naked back
Delight: A cube with D’s on it + light bulbs with one of them on
Doorway: An open door + a road
Earache: An ear + someone rubbing her head
Eyeline: An eye + a line of 4 persons
Firearm: A fireplace + a waiter holding a tray
Freeze Frame: Someone removing ice from a screen + a golden frame
Heartfelt: A heart + a grey background
Homework: 3 people in a framed house + someone working
House Bound: A white house + a suited man tied with strings
Keystroke: A key + a horses head
Landmass: A helicopter landing on grass + a priest
Marquee: A person looking through a magnifying glass at a mark + a key in a lock
Mother Land: A mother holding her baby + an airplane landing
Necklace: A woman massaging her neck + laces
Outback: An exit sign + a woman’s back
Peacetime: A red puzzle piece going into the ground + a alarm clock
Precision: 3 dart arrows + a molecule of some sort
Raindance: A man holding an umbrella + a person dancing
Rain Forest: A man standing under a rain cloud + a forest
Sealion: A big wave + a lion
Seatbelt: A red chair among white chairs + a black belt
Showdown: A person pointing at a paper + a curve moving downwards
Sleep Walker: A mushroom “sleeping” + a person walking
Suitcase: A grey suit + a man holding a black case
Toothache: A golden tooth + a woman that looks like her neck is in pain
Warship: Soldiers + a cruise ship
Watch Tower:A watch + a tower
Wormwood: A worm + a forrest