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Pic Combo Answers – Level 7 Solutions

Here you’ll find all the answers to Pic Combo Level 7. The game is made by Games for Friends GmbH and is super fun, if you like this kind of game.
Below we’ve collected all the answers for level 7 for you. The pictures in each level comes random, so to make it easier for you, we’ve written what images we got on each of these.
If you’re on your computer you can search by doing this:
Microsoft: Ctrl+f
Mac: Cmd+f
Then just search for what you see on the screen, and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.
Hopefully these hints, cheats and answers will help you find the solution for the level you’re on.
We’ve sorted the answers in alphabetically order.
Pic Combo Level 7 Answers:
Baroque: A gold bar + a guitar
Beachcomb: A beach + a comb
Breakup: A hand through a wall + a charter going up
Butterfly: Butter on some bread + a man flying
Cabinet: A cabin/house in the snow + a tennis net
Careful: A woman helping an old lady + a full cup
Carwash: A car + a person washing hands
Catchphrase: A person in water + the phrase “Know the rules!”
Chatterbox: A bubble saying Social Media + a red box
Eyepiece: An eye + a puzzle piece
Firewall: A smoke detector + a wall
Gearbox: A gear + a present
German: A dirty plate + a man
Headgear: A man getting a face massage + 3 different gears
Hollywood: A Christmas tree + some wood
Imagination: A woman in front of a blackboard + 12 different nation flags
Jigsaw: 3 women dancing + a saw
Keystone: A keyboard key + a stone
Manage: A man in a suit + an elderly couple
Painstaking: A back with red spots + a man being stapped with something
Panties: An old woman with a pan + 5 different ties
Playpen: Play button/sign + a pen
Pleasant: A woman kissing a boy + an ant
Rockclimbing: A guitar + people climbing a mountain
Safehouse: An open safe + a house
Scrapheap: A wreaked car + a bunch of stuff
Shoelace: A woman kissing a red shoe + laces
Shoptalk: A woman with shopping bags + a woman talking on her cell phone
Signpost: A person signing some paper + a mailbox
Steamroller: Steam + a roller
Sweetheart: 2 animals standing next to each other + a tree formed as a heart
Teapot: A golf tee + a child with a pot
Topcoat: A person on the top of a mountain + a suit
Tophat: Top of a mountain + a bowler hat
Wormhole: A green worm with a book and glasses + a drill and wood
Wristband: A wrist + a trumpet band
Wristwatch: A wrist + a child watching television