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Pic Combo Answers – Level 8 Solutions

Here you’ll find all the answers to Pic Combo Level 8. The game is made by Games for Friends GmbH and is super fun, if you like this kind of game.
Below we’ve collected all the answers for level 8 for you. The pictures in each level comes random, so to make it easier for you, we’ve written what images we got on each of these.
If you’re on your computer you can search by doing this:
Microsoft: Ctrl+f
Mac: Cmd+f
Then just search for what you see on the screen, and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.
Hopefully these hints, cheats and answers will help you find the solution for the level you’re on.
Pic Combo Level 8 Answers:
Appeal: An iphone with app icons out of it + an eal
Background: A womans back + ground
: A green basket sign + a ball of elastics
Bearhug: A teddy bear + a girl hugging a dog
Beeswax: A bunch of bees + someone waxing her legs
Beetroot: A drawing of a heart beat + a tooth root
Bellhop: A bell + a kangaroo jumping
Birdhouse: A bird + a house
Brainwash: A grey brain + 6 washing machines
Brotherhood: 2 men pointing at eachother + a boy with a hoodie
Butterfingers: Butter on bread + a girl holding up her fingers
Button: A womans butt + a blue power button
Carsick: A green convertible car + someone with a fever
Championship: Someone raising a hand with a medal + a ship
Checkmate: A green check + two lady bugs mating
Cheesecake: A cheese + a cake
Chopstick: Lamb chops + sticks
Dampen: A dam + a pen pointing at the number 12
Eardrop: An ear + a water drop
Eardrum: A man pointing at his ear + a drum with two drumsticks
Eggplant: An egg + a power plant of some sort
Golden: A goal + a cave of some sort
Grateful: A grater + a glass filled with beer
Hammock: A ham + a girl mocking a boy
Heartland: Hands formed as a heart + a green field at sunset
Household: A house + a woman holding her baby
Human: A circle of colors + a man
Landlady: A road + a woman in old fine cloth
Lockdown: Keys in a lock + a red arrow pointing down
Lovesick: Two people with hearts in front of them + someone in bed coughing
Mailman: E-mail logo + a man
Microbe: A microphone + a purple robe
Molten: An animal coming out of the ground + 10 fingers
Mouthwash: Teeth/mouth + someone washing a car
Necktie: A woman showing her necklace and neck + someone tying shoes.
Novelty: A girl reading a novel + a golf ball
Oxford: An ox + a bus
Ownership: A family at a newly bought house + a ship
Podcast: An pea pod + someone with their leg in a cast
Roadster: A road + someone making some food
Saddlebag: A brown horse saddle + a bag
Safeguard: The lock to a safe + a guard
Sales Pitch: A lot of sails + a man holding something in his hand
Sandbank: A beach + a vault
Seasick: A woman looking at the sea + a man with a green face
Sickbag: Someone vommiting in a toilet + a green bag
Soulmate: A black man singing + 2 birds
Student: A soup + a cars rear light
Supernatural: A man ripping his shirt apart + vegetables
Treeline: A tree + 3 lines on the road
Underline: Someone with a book on his head + a pencil drawing a line on paper
Window: A woman winning at a casino + a dow