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Pic Combo Answers – Level 9 Solutions

Here you’ll find all the answers to Pic Combo Level 9. The game is made by Games for Friends GmbH and is super fun, if you like this kind of game.
Below we’ve collected all the answers for level 9 for you. The pictures in each level comes random, so to make it easier for you, we’ve written what images we got on each of these.
If you’re on your computer you can search by doing this:
Microsoft: Ctrl+f
Mac: Cmd+f
Then just search for what you see on the screen, and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.
Hopefully these hints, cheats and answers will help you find the solution for the level you’re on.
Pic Combo Level 9 Answers:
Archangel: Noas ark + someone making a snow angel
Armchair: An arm + a red chair
Airsick: An air balloon + a woman blowing her nose
Ashtray: A cigarette + a man holding a tray
Ballgown: A ball on a lawn + a womans dress
Bathtime: A cartoon figure bathing in a tub + a clock at 10:10
Bedroom: A drawing of someone on a bed + a room
Boatload: A boat + someone loading a truck
Boathouse: A boat + a lego house
Cheesecloth: A piece of cheese + a yellow glove and a blue cloth
Cutback: A woman getting her blonde hair cut + a mans back
Deadlock: A dead fish + a lock
Drawbridge: Someone drawing + a bridge
Drawstring: Someone drawing + 6 different strings
Earful: Ear + full glass of water
Guardhouse: A security man + a house
Hairbrand: Different colors of hair + a band of 3 people
Hammerhead: A hammer + a mans head
Hatbox: A magicians hat + a present
Horserace: A brown horse + a bunch of people running
Hotline: A man with steam coming out of his ears + a line on a road
Househunting: A house + a hunter with his dog
Housekeeper: A green house + a soccer keeper
Locksmith: Someone unlocking a door + an anvil
Mailbag: A blue mail sign + a bag
Peaceful: A puzzle piece + a fuel meter at full
Piecemeal: A chess piece + a meal tray
Pigskin: A pig + drawing of skin cells
Playhouse: 2 masks + a house
Playmate: A baby playing + a bunch of chess pieces that’s laying down
Teatime: A golf ball being placed on a golf tee + a pink eggwatch
Timetable: A man with a clock behind him + a table with flowers on it
Trashcan: A trash site + a grey tin can
Sickbed: A family blowing their noses + a bed
Overrun: A man jumping over a fence + red legs running
Waistline: Waist pouring out in the water + a line on the road
Warrant: Soldiers on a battlefield + an ant
Watchband: 3 men in black looking through binoculars + a marching band
Warplane: Some soldiers + a tool on a wooden floor
Warthog: A wart on a finger + a pig
Workout: A man talking on a telephone + a green exit sign
This is the end of the level 9 answers! Make sure to check back once there’s a new update with more levels! And please like, share and tweet this if you found it helpful!