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PicSizzle Answers Level 1-60

Walkthrough for PicSizzle Answers Level # 1- #60 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. The game is made by Scrapple Labs LLC and available on iTunes. If you are stuck on a level the solutions provided below will help you advance in this fun guessing game. for 2 PICS, 1 SAYING – CAN YOU GUESS THE POPULAR PHRASE? Think you know your sayings well enough to beat hundreds of PICSIZZLE levels? Start with 1500 FREE COINS! Test how well you know popular modern day phrases, as you try to guess the saying based off of 2 images.
PicSizzle Answers Level 1-60:
Levels 1: Bucket List
Levels 2: When it rains it pours
Levels 3: Apple of my eye
Levels 4: Raining cats and dogs
Levels 5: Ace in the Hole
Levels 6: Drop of a Hat
Levels 7: Foot in the Door
Levels 8: Sixth Sense
Levels 9: Drop in the Bucket
Levels 10: X Marks the Spot
Levels 11: On Top of the World
Levels 12: Dime a Dozen
Levels 13: Hit the Road
Levels 14: Fall Asleep
Levels 15: Cats Out of the Bag
Levels 16: On the Ropes
Levels 17: Piece of Cake
Levels 18: Top Dog
Levels 19: Chow Down
Levels 20: Down in the Dumps
Levels 21: Two Faced
Levels 22: Inside Out
Levels 23: Once Upon a Time
Levels 24: Blue in the Face
Levels 25: Bakers Dozen
Levels 26: Up to Date
Levels 27: Dancing in the Rain
Levels 28: Catching some Zs
Levels 29: Kick the Bucket
Levels 30: Whole Nine Yards
Levels 31: Inside Job
Levels 32: As Thick As Thieves
Levels 33: Saved by the Bell
Levels 34: Bite the Bullet
Levels 35: Close but no Cigar
Levels 36: Pipe Down
Levels 37: Add Fuel to the Fire
Levels 38: Jumping the Gun
Levels 39: Top Secret
Levels 40: Beat Around the Bush
Levels 41: Tip of the Iceberg
Levels 42: Chip Off the Old Block
Levels 43: Break the Bank
Levels 44: White Lie
Levels 45: Walk in the Park
Levels 46: Cat got your Tongue
Levels 47: Chip on your Shoulder
Levels 48: Square Foot
Levels 49: Tickled Pink
Levels 50: When Pigs Fly
Levels 51: Needle in a Haystack
Levels 52: Dropping Like Flies
Levels 53: Once in a Blue Moon
Levels 54: Out on a Limb
Levels 55: Low Blow
Levels 56: Break the Ice
Levels 57: Rule of Thumb
Levels 58: Time is Up
Levels 59: Pay the Piper
Levels 60: Last Straw