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Pirate’s Treasure Walkthrough (Adventure Escape Mysteries)

Pirate’s Treasure Walkthrough Guide (Adventure Escape Mysteries). Find help below if you are stuck on a puzzle, level or chapter. Only the smartest and quickest can solve the murder mystery.

What the developer Haiku Games say about the game app:

Save a fantasy kingdom in Cursed Crown. Play as Princess Nimue in her quest to save her people. Learn magical spells such as the ability to see through walls or super-size plants. Make decisions that influence the outcome of the story on your quest. Solve a murder mystery in Trapmaker. Play as Detective Kate Gray and walk in her shoes as you investigate a mysterious murder. Interrogate suspects and use your own cunning to discover everyone’s secrets.

Escape a ruined city and stop a hurricane that threatens the world in Dark Ruins! A team of archaeologists crash-land in the jungle and rediscover a forgotten, cursed city. They’re quickly swept into a 500-year-old mystery that threatens to flood the world again. Can our heroes outlast the night and save the world? Will they go mad when science and magic collide? What — or who — must they sacrifice to survive? Use your observation skills, deductive reasoning, and cunning to solve our puzzles. Collect treasures and tools in your inventory, find clues, and enjoy a brilliant escape room experience from the comfort of your mobile device.

You can download Rescue Cut on App Store and Google Play. A game by Haiku Games.

Pirate's Treasure Walkthrough

Pirate’s Treasure Walkthrough (Adventure Escape Mysteries )

Support the developer by using their hints. A highly addictive game.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Pirate’s Treasure FULL Walkthrough [HaikuGames]

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