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Places Pop Level 2 Answers

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Playing Places Pop? Maybe you’re stuck in level 2? That’s where guidesetc.com will help you out!
We completed level 2 of this great game by Gamoji Limited, and below you’ll find all 20 solutions for this level.
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Level 2-11: Apple Store
Level 2-12: Washington DC
Level 2-13: White House
Level 2-14: Burger King
Level 2-15: Las Vegas
Level 2-16: Los Angeles
Level 2-17: Hollywood
Level 2-18: London
Level 2-19: Mount Rushmore
Level 2-20: IKEA
Level 2-21: Hawaii
Level 2-22: Golden Gate
Level 2-23: Pyramids
Level 2-24: Dunkin Donuts
Level 2-25: Australia
Level 2-26: Tokyo
Level 2-27: Victorias Secret
Level 2-28: Grand Canyon
Level 2-29: Antarctica
Level 2-30: Tiffany & Co
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