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Pocket Planes Game Guide and Tips

Pocket Planes are made by Nimblebit, the same developers that made Tiny Tower which also used to be a top downloaded app.
In Pocket Planes you are in control of a fleet of planes and you’ll want to expand your reign by buying more airplanes and buy more cities.
Tip #1:
Save your bux. The more you sell the more you’ll get per bux.
For example:
Sell 1 and get 500 coins
Sell 10 and get 505 coins per bux
Sell 500 and get 750 coins per bux.
Tip #2:
Fill your planes with people and cargo that are going to the same city for a +25% bonus income from all passengers!
Tip #3:
Buy parts on the market one by one instead of buying the completed plane for bux.
You’ll save a lot of bux by doing it this way instead.
Tip #4:
Join a Flight Crew. At this time TOUCHARCADE are the largest one, so if you wish to join a large one, join that one.
Tip #5:
If you’re able to take a job that will give you bux instead of coins, do it at all times.
As noted in tip #1, bux are worth 500+ coins, which means taking a 2 bux jobs would be to prefer over for example a 200 coins job.
Tip #6:
XP Gains: You gain 1 XP point for every coin you earn from jobs. For every bux earned you get 500 XP.
Tip #7:
Airplane Classes: If you haven’t noticed airplanes comes in different classes, ranking from 1 to 3.
Airports as well are ranked from 1 to 3.
What this means to you, and what you need to be aware of, is that a class 3 plane CAN’T land in a class 1 or 2 airport. The airport needs to be of class 3.
A class 1 or 2 plane are able to land in any airport.
Just a great idea to be aware of this, so you don’t buy a class 3 plane, while you have no class 3 airports.
Are we missing any awesome tips/tricks? Post a comment below and I’ll make sure to add it asap. Lets share our knowledge!
Achievement guides:
Growing Fleet: Have 8 aircrafts in the air at once. (10 points)
This one is simple. Once you get 8 planes send them on a trip, and make sure they’re all in the air at the same time.
Business is Booming: Establish an airline value of 250.000. (10 points)
Simply collect 250.000 coins or have airports of a total value of 250.000.
This achievement you’ll get once you’ll hit 250.000, so going below 250.000 wont “remove” the achievement again.
You should note, that buying another plane slot will remove your coins and will NOT add to the total airline value.
Expanding Operations: Open 10 airports (10 points)
Fly With Us!: Service a population of 20 million (10 points)
Have airports with a total population of 20 million.
Taxi Service: Deliver 500 Passengers (10 point)
Flying Boxes: Deliver 500 cargo (10 point)
Raking it in: Make 1.000 profit on a single flight (10 point)
Jet Lag: Make 250 total flights (10 point)
Around the World: Log 24,906 miles on a single aircraft (10 point)
Expanding Reach: Operate airports in 3 different regions (10 point)
For example: Have 1 airport in Europe, 1 in Africa and 1 in Asia to gain this achievement.
Bee Hive: Gave 14 aircrafts in the air at once. (20 point)
This one is a bit harder then it sounds, as it gets more and more expensive to get aircraft slots later on, so be ready to spend some time getting this one.
Mega-Corp: Establish an airline value of 1,000,000 (20 point)
As with the above it’s gonna take some time. Mainly because to get to 1 million, you’ll need a few aircrafts (at least if you aren’t gonna spend years on it). And as stated above, buying aircraft slots will NOT add to your airline value and will actually remove the amount you spend from the airline value, as you spend your coins.
Tons of Tarmac: Open 20 airports (20 points)
An easy 20 points, as you can just buy 20 cheap airports (if you want to).
Full Service: Service a population of 100 million (20 point)
Peopple Mover: Deliver 1,000 passengers (20 point)
Rush Delivery: Deliver 1,000 cargo (20 point)
Gold Mine: Make 5,000 profit on a single flight. (20 point)
This one you’ll probably get after playing for a while, as you’ll need a huge plane with lots of space for passengers/cargo in order to get a 5,000 coins profit.
Millennial Flight: Make 1,000 total flights. (20 point)
Apollo 11: Log 252,088 miles on a single aircraft. (20 point)
Global Operations: Operate airports in all 6 regions (20 point)
Open 1 airport in:
Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America.
Blacking out the Sun: Have 20 aircrafts in the air at once. (30 point)
Flying Giant: Establish an airline value of 10,000,000 (30 point)
Everyone Aboard!: Service a population of 200 million (30 point)
People Power: Deliver 10,000 passengers (30 point)
Cargo Crazy: Deliver 10,000 cargo (30 point)
This is Bananas: Make 20,000 profit on a single flight (30 point)
Boy Are My Arms Tired: Make 10,000 total flights (30 point)
Regional Headquarters: Operate a 10m population airport in all 6 regions. (30 point)
That’s a rough 51,000 x 6 = 306.000 coins you’re gonna spend on this.
Transatlantic: Make a transatlantic flight (40 point)
You’ll need to fly across the Atlantic Ocean to get this achievement.
I did this by buying Monrovia in eastern Africa and Recife in South America. To me this seemed like the “shortest”/”easiest” route.
You’ll need a plane that can fly roughly 900 miles to make this trip.
Longest Journey: Make a non-stop flight between Nome and Wellington. (40 point)
Nome is placed in Alaska (North America), Wellington is placed in New Zealand (east of Australia). So it’s quite a trip.
I haven’t been able to complete this achievement yet, so I’m not sure which plane you’re gonna need, but I’m thinking it could be the Spaceship.
If anyone have some input about this, please leave a comment :)
Aloha: Deliver 100 jobs to Honolulu (40 point)
Honolulu is on Hawaii. You’ll simply need to fly a total of 100 passengers and/or cargo to Hawaii to earn this achievement.
Moai Statues: Deliver 100 jobs to Easter Island (40 point)
As above. Easter Island is placed south west of Lima (Peru, South America).
Arctic Exposure: Deliver 100 jobs to Tiksi. (40 point)
Tiksi is placed in Russia (I guess). It’s north of Seoul if that helps any of you.
Madagascar: Deliver 100 jobs to Mahajanga. (40 point)
As the above. Mahajanga is placed on Madagascar in Southern Africa.