Open Powershell as an Administrator from File Explorer

To open Powershell as an Administrator at Current File Explorer Directory using a Keyboard Shortcut (Windows 10) see below.

Open Powershell as an administrator from File Explorer

Let’s say you are browsing through Windows File Explorer, and you would like to open Powershell as administrator at the current directory. A keyboard shortcut is a much faster way to open the directory. So is there any way to create a keyboard shortcut to do this is. So how can you achieve this?


Use the native method by simply clicking in the folder you wish to open Powershell as administrator from File Explorer, and then press Alt+F+S+A one key right after the other.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Click in or on the folder which you want to open as administrator from PowerShel
2. Press ALT then F
3. Press S
4. Press A
5. PowerShell will open as administrator in that folder as requested

Thanks to Pimp Juice IT @ Superuser for the solution