Project VOID Answers Mystery Puzzles ARG

Project VOID Answers, Solutions and Cheats to all Mystery Puzzles ARG Levels. Are you a real Explorer and Mystery Solver. Experience this reality game (ARG) that blends the fictional world and mystery puzzles, riddles, codes, and cryptograms.

To solve the mysteries of Project VOID, you must use every available resource to solve the challenges set before you, like “The Internet” with ingenious puzzle hunting skills and extensive out of box thinking.
With 5 missions and 30 puzzles, travel into the alternate history of conspiracy, murder mystery, and fringe science. A puzzle game app by HYBRIONA TECHNOLOGIES. You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play. Find the Cheats and solutions below.
Project VOID Answers Mystery Puzzles ARG

Project VOID Answers Mystery Puzzles ARG

Analyze each and every clue, keep an eye on each and every detail. Solve cryptograms, codes, coordinates and connect the dots to solve the majestic mystery of Dr. Quantum’s experiment.

Mission #1: The Exam

#1 My Subject: Science
#2 Know Your Value: You Are Awesome
#3 Google-Fu skills: Aldous Huxley
#4 Ceaser Cipher: Wheeler Island
#5 Di Dah Dah Di: Groom Lake
Red The Selection: Eureka Public Library

Mission #2: Assemble

#1 BOOK WORM: Inferno
#2 THE NEWSPAPER: Lucky Tiger
#3 CHEEKY PHRASE: Thomas Edison
#4 THE SONG: Skyfall
#5 SHUTDOWN: 2012
Red THE ISLAND: Hashima Island


#1 LIBRARY, AGAIN: National Library Of Russia
#2 THE GAME: Chess
#3 THE CODE: Good Dog

Project Void Mission #4: THE MISSING

Puzzle #1 THE DATE: 01/02/1953
Puzzle #2 NUMBERS: Belvedere Estate
Puzzle #3 FLAGS?: Library or Jlibrary
Puzzle #4 THE LINK: Dwarkanath Tagore
Puzzle #5 THE LINK II: Fort William College
Puzzle Red THE FINAL PLACE: National library of India

Project Void Mission #5: THE END

Puzzle #1 FIRST ENCOUNTER: Aokigahara
Puzzle #2 OLD SINS: Saiko wildbird
Puzzle #3 BLIND RABBIT: Willard library
Puzzle #4 THE TICKET: State library Victoria
Puzzle #5 BLOODY HELL: Peoria Public Library
Puzzle Red CLOCKS: H.H. Holmes