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Quiz Pop Musicians and Band Answers

Are you looking for Quiz Pop Musicians and Band Answers? We got all the solutions for the 3 levels right here at guidesetc.com.
In this level pack you will have to guess certain Musicians and Bands from an image and a set number of letters.
We have made it even easier for you with a complete list of the answers right here for you to use.
The game is available on Amazon for Android devices.

Quiz Pop Musicians and Band Answers Level 1:

Level 1-1: Lady Gaga
Level 1-2: The Beatles
Level 1-3: Pink Floyd
Level 1-4: Justin Bieber
Level 1-5: Elvis Presley
Level 1-6: Katy Perry
Level 1-7: The Rolling Stones
Level 1-8: Coldplay
Level 1-9: Taylor Swift
Level 1-10: Rihanna
Level 1-11: Bob Marley
Level 1-12: PSY
Level 1-13: Lil Wayne
Level 1-14: Carly Rae Jepsen
Level 1-15: Jay-Z
Level 1-16: One Direction
Level 1-17: Snoop Lion
Level 1-18: Garth Brooks

Quiz Pop Musicians and Band Answers Level 2:

Level 2-1: Michael Jackson
Level 2-2: Kid Rock
Level 2-3: The Band Perry
Level 2-4: Whitney Houston
Level 2-5: Eminem
Level 2-6: 50 Cent
Level 2-7: Outkast
Level 2-8: Jimi Hendrix
Level 2-9: Prince
Level 2-10: Stevie Wonder
Level 2-11: Britney Spears
Level 2-12: Elton John
Level 2-13: Green Day
Level 2-14: Foo Fighters
Level 2-15: Led Zeppelin
Level 2-16: Black Sabbath
Level 2-17: Skrillex
Level 2-18: Ray Charles

Quiz Pop Musicians and Band Answers Level 3:

Level 3-1: The Who
Level 3-2: Justin Timberlake
Level 3-3: The Eagles
Level 3-4: Linkin Park
Level 3-5: Johnny Cash
Level 3-6: New Kids on the Block
Level 3-7: Metallica
Level 3-8: Dr. Dre
Level 3-9: Kiss
Level 3-10: Tupac Shakur
Level 3-11: Queen
Level 3-12: Nirvana
Level 3-13: The Beach Boys
Level 3-14: U2
Level 3-15: AC DC
Level 3-16: Biggie
Level 3-17: Nine Inch Nails
Level 3-18: Tool