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Riddle me That – One Liners Level 1 Answers

Riddle Me That Itch Mania
Are you sitting with your iPad, iPhone or Android device playing the level pack One Liners of the game Riddle me That by Itch Mania?
And are you stuck on level 1? We completed this level for you, and below you’ll find every solution and answer you’ll need to speed through this level.
Some might call it cheating, we’re just seeing it as a helping hand.
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One Liners 1-1 Answer: Do what he says and you’ll be fine, don’t and you lose the game = Simon
One Liners 1-2 Answer: A precious fluid, thicker than water = Blood
One Liners 1-3 Answer: It has 8 arms and lots of ink but can’t write a word. = Octopus
One Liners 1-4 Answer: They swim around in schools or pods and they are related to whales. = Dolphin
One Liners 1-5 Answer: They’re big and blue, and larger than seas = Oceans
One Liners 1-6 Answer: Something we eat, and misspell as meet = Meat
One Liners 1-7 Answer: You row in one while you float = Boat
One Liners 1-8 Answer: Delicious but said to be a lie = Cake
One Liners 1-9 Answer: It is worldwide, but once only a spider could weave one. = Web
One Liners 1-10 Answer: Everybody’s got one = Secret
One Liners 1-11 Answer: A king wears one on his head = Crown
One Liners 1-12 Answer: There’s on in every deck of cards and in a famous movie. = Joker
One Liners 1-13 Answer: It nukes food at the touch of a button = Microwave
One Liners 1-14 Answer: A building where people and stories are on stage = Theater
One Liners 1-15 Answer: An art form and a web browser = Opera
One Liners 1-16 Answer: A metal snake that runs on tracks = Train
One Liners 1-17 Answer: It can be clear like water, but it burns like fire. = Alchohol
One Liners 1-18 Answer: Religion’s greatest enemy. = Science
One Liners 1-19 Answer: It’s real until the trick is revealed. = Magic
One Liners 1-20 Answer: It has the biggest wall and is also used when drinking tea. = China