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Riddle Quiz Level 41-60 Answers and Solutions

Are you looking for answers for level 41-60 of the game Riddle Quiz by Apprope? guidesetc.com got those answers for you ready now!
The game is super fun if you enjoy games where you’ll have to think a lot and love riddles. With that said it’s also super difficult. At least some of the riddles are!
The game is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in Appstore/iTunes and for Android devices from Google Play. So if you didn’t download it already, go do so!
The levels seem to be random, so your level 41 is not necessarily the same as our – but browse this page and see if your answer shows up!
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Riddle Quiz Level 41 Answer: What goes up and down without moving? = Temperature
Riddle Quiz Level 42 Answer: What can be filled with empty hands? = Gloves
Riddle Quiz Level 43 Answer: What gets served but never eaten? = Tennis Ball
Riddle Quiz Level 44 Answer: I cannot be used until i have been broken. What am I? = Egg
Riddle Quiz Level 45 Answer: What word is pronounced the same even after removing 4 of its 5 letters? = Queue
Riddle Quiz Level 46 Answer: What cries without a voice, flutters without wings, and bites without a mouth? = Wind
Riddle Quiz Level 47 Answer: What do the poor have that the rich need, and if you eat it, you will die? = Nothing
Riddle Quiz Level 48 Answer: What is pronounced as one letter, written with three, and is the same forwards and backwards? = Eye
Riddle Quiz Level 49 Answer: What can be seen but not touched? = Shadow
Riddle Quiz Level 50 Answer: How can the letters OWONDER be rearranged to make one word? = One word
Riddle Quiz Level 51 Answer: What falls but never breaks? = Night
Riddle Quiz Level 52 Answer: What breaks without falling? = Day
Riddle Quiz Level 53 Answer: I have four legs, one head, and a foot. What am I? = Bed
Riddle Quiz Level 54 Answer: What has fingers and a thumb but no hand? = Glove
Riddle Quiz Level 55 Answer: What can be any size or shape and gets bigger the more you take from it? = Hole
Riddle Quiz Level 56 Answer: I have a face but no eyes and hands but no arms. What am I? = Clock
Riddle Quiz Level 57 Answer: What does everyone have that goes up but never comes down? = Age
Riddle Quiz Level 58 Answer: What makes my left hand my right? = Mirror
Riddle Quiz Level 59 Answer: I am made of the stuff around me but lighter than it. I am more hidden than seen. What am I? = Iceberg
Riddle Quiz Level 60 Answer: Where can you add 2 to 11 and get 1? = Clock