Shadow Character Quiz Stage 1 Level 1-16 Answers

Shadow Character Quiz
Solutions for Shadow Character Quiz stage 1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. The game is created by Kirupa Shankar L. This app is a fun TV & Movie Celebrity Icon Pop Picture Quiz and it’s free. So if you are stuck on an image and need help, then use our solved clue puzzles to help advance in the game.
Walkthrough for Shadow Character Quiz Stage 1 Level 1-16:
Level 1: Shrek
Level 2: Mario
Level 3: Bugs Bunny
Level 4: Garfield
Level 5: Spider Man
Level 6: Tweety Bird
Level 7: Batman
Level 8: Superman
Level 9: Pac Man
Level 10: Scooby Doo
Level 11: Peter Pan
Level 12: Daffy Duck
Level 13: Aladdin
Level 14: Dumbo
Level 15: Woody
Level 16: Yoshi