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Spell n Link Level 3 Answers and Solutions

Spell n Link Level 3 Answers and Solutions. Stuck needing help with level 3 puzzle for the game by MochiBits? Cheats for Spell n Link – A word brain game. We’ve solved all levels and packs to help you. Find and spell words to complete the levels. Use words as clues to answer the questions. If you love word games, you will love Spell n Link. Earn brains and hearts by completing word puzzles. You can then unlock more puzzles and get hints.
Spell n Link supports Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS). Download from the iTunes and Google Play App Store. The game is free to play so hurry up and download the game app. Hopefully you are able to complete the game. Enjoy our Spell n Link cheats and walkthrough guide.

Spell n Link Level 3 Answers and Solutions

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Spell n Link Answers Level 3

#3-1: Quick Fast: Opposites of: Slow
#3-2: Jack Black: is ____ Plus One: Twenty
#3-3: Mouse Mice: this is an example of an ____ Noun: Irregular
#3-4: Paws Pause: Are: Homophones
#3-5: are ear era: They all use the same ____ letters: Three
#3-6: Face Hands: what you may see on a: Clock
#3-7: Plane Bird: People seem to mistake ___ for them: Superman
#3-8: Power Keg: Individually safe together: Dangerous
#3-9: Rainy Dry: are seasons in a ______ Climate: Tropical
#3-10: Pole North: Where ____ is supposed to reside: Santa
#3-11: war peace: are: Antonyms
#3-12: Wax Gas Oil: Can ___ fire: Fuel
#3-13: Run Sprint: Faster than a: Jog
#3-14: Bow Arrow: Tools of: Cupid
#3-15: Tea Coffee: are normally hot: Drinks
#3-16: Blind Spot: what we should ___ out for since we sometimes can’t see it: Watch
#3-17: Bull Sheep: When Compounded with ___ it becomes one: Dog
#3-18: Period Dot: Each make a: poont
#3-19: Right Left: can be provided as: Direction
#3-20: Pizza Tire: are both commonly known to be: Round