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Star Quiz – Guess the Celebrity! Answers Level 1-60

Answers for Star Quiz Answers, Solutions and Cheats Level #1-#60. The game is developed by Mangoo Games and works with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. The most popular star quiz finally has arrived. The concept is simple, you have 4 pictures and you must guess which person it is! How many will you be able to recognise? Come and test your skills or just use our answers below to advance in this fun game! Only 2% of players have managed to finish the game! Hundreds of stars available! New people added regularly so stay tunes for more solutions.

Star Quiz – Guess the Celebrity! Answers, Solutions and Cheats Level 1-60

Star Quiz – Guess the Celebrity! Answers Level 1-60:
Level 1: Barack Obama
Level 2: Paris Hilton
Level 3: Marc Zukerberg
Level 4: Fidel Castron
Level 5: Roger Federer
Level 6: Harrison Ford
Level 7: Michael Jordan
Level 8: Psy
Level 9: Tom Hanks
Level 10: Al Pacino
Level 11: Usain Bolt
Level 12: Yao Ming
Level 13: David Beckham
Level 14: Tiger Woods
Level 15: Rafael Nadal
Level 16: David Guetta
Level 17: Sylvester Stallone
Level 18: Bill Gates
Level 19: Steven Spielberg
Level 20: Eva Longoria
Level 21: Lionel Messi
Level 22: Cristiano Ronaldo
Level 23: Diego Maradona
Level 24: Taylor Lautner
Level 25: George Lucas
Level 26: Lance Armstrong
Level 27: Zinedine Zidane
Level 28: 50 Cents
Level 29: Will Smith
Level 30: Rihanna
Level 31: Tom Cruise
Level 32: Dalai Lama
Level 33: Mike Tyson
Level 34: Snoop Dogg
Level 35: George Clooney
Level 36: Carlos Slim
Level 37: Lady Gaga
Level 38: Brad Pitt
Level 39: Donald Trump
Level 40: Dr Dre
Level 41: Fernando Alonso
Level 42: Eddie Murphy
Level 43: Elton John
Level 44: Valentino Rossi
Level 45: Leonardo Dicaprio
Level 46: Garry Kasparov
Level 47: Nicolas Cage
Level 48: David Copperfield
Level 49: Jennifer Aniston
Level 50: Johnny Depp
Level 51: Julia Roberts
Level 52: Silvio Berlusconi
Level 53: Michael Phelps
Level 54: Michael Bloomberg
Level 55: Andrea Pirlo
Level 56: Pele
Level 57: Ban Ki Moon
Level 58: Jack Nicholson
Level 59: Robert De Niro
Level 60: Hugh Laurie