Stinky Pinky Answers and Solutions All Levels

Stinky Pinky Answers and Solutions All Levels. Stinky Pinky: An Evil Minded Rhyme Game Cheats. We have solved all puzzle levels and words. Use the letters in the word bank to build a two-word rhyming phrase. Find the answer to the question or riddle to complete the level. Simple right. Use our walkthrough guide below if the words become to hard. It is possible to use and buy hints.
Created by Evil Studios Limited, by the name Stinky Pinky: Evil Rhyme Game. Download the game app on iTunes and Google Play app store. A puzzle game that’s fun and kinky. Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad (iOS). Use our comments section below to share puzzle answers and solutions. Levels are added constantly, so stay tuned for more solutions. A collection of puzzles that never stops growing. Enjoy our Stinky Pinky: Evil Rhyme Game Cheats and Answers.
Stinky Pinky Answers and Solutions All Levels

Stinky Pinky Answers and Solutions All Levels

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Stinky Pinky Answers Levels 1-100

Level 1: Cock Block
Level 2: Stinky Pinky
Lvl 3: Tramp Stamp
Level 4: How do you respond to a Duck? Answer: Quack Back
Lvl 5: What is it called when an Areola gets loose?: Answer: Nip Slip
Level 6: Where do you keep your masturbation inspiration? Answer: Spank Bank
Lvl 7: How did your great grandfather send his dick pics? Answer: Snail Mail
Level 8: What do you get when you text while driving? Answer: Fender Bender
Lvl 9: Times Rhyme: What does Lance Armstrong get when he swims in cold water? Answer:
Level 10

Look no further than Stinky Pinky! This is your new word puzzle game to download. Thumbs up from here.
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