Pirate’s Treasure Walkthrough (Adventure Escape Mysteries)

Pirate’s Treasure Walkthrough Guide (Adventure Escape Mysteries). Find help below if you are stuck on a puzzle, level or chapter. Only the smartest and quickest can solve the murder mystery. What the developer Haiku Games say about the game app: Save a fantasy kingdom in Cursed Crown. Play as Princess Nimue in her quest to … Read more

Adventure Escape Mysteries Trapmaker 2 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 2: Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Walkthrough Guide – Tracing the Past. Experience the unique puzzles and critically-acclaimed stories enjoyed by tens of millions of players. Investigate cryptic clues, unravel a mystery, and solve puzzles in beautifully illustrated adventures. Solve a murder mystery in Trapmaker. Play … Read more