The Butterfly’s Dream Walkthrough Guide

The Butterfly’s Dream Walkthrough Guide all parts and chapters. Use our guide to solve the levels. The story is about going on a journey with Mei to find her lost sister Jie. And to find the protagonist’s memories. We hope to bring you an immersive experience with a taste of traditional East Asian visual arts, music, and culture. The game app is created by Yang Liu

Chapter 1

The Butterfly’s Dream: Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide & iOS / Android Gameplay (by Yang Liu)

Chapter 2

Key features:
– A peaceful and relaxing puzzle adventure experience
– Intriguing puzzles inspired by ancient culture, such as go game, abacus, and tangram
– Experimental designs to engage you in interesting interactions: shouting, rotating, and more
– Delicate scenes based on an in-depth research about ancient gardening, furniture, and architecture
– Atmospheric soundtrack adapted from ancient songs