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The Comic Quiz Answers All Levels

The Comic Quiz Answers, Solutions and Cheats for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. If you are stuck and need help with a puzzle quiz level, then use our walkthrough guide for help. The game is created by Peter Gilmour and is available on iTunes and AppStore for free for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In this game you will need to guess some specific comic book characters from one image and a set of letters to choose from. Some of them are quite difficult, unless you really know your Comic Book Characters, while others are pretty well known for pretty much anyone watching movies these days. Enjoy, and make sure you share our guide with your friends, if you found it helpful. Hope you enjoy our The Comic Quiz Answers.

The Comic Quiz Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

The Comic Quiz Answers Level 1
Level 1-1: Spiderman
Level 1-2: Ironman
Level 1-3: Captain America
Level 1-4: Hulk
Level 1-5: Joker
Level 1-6: Thor
Level 1-7: Wolverine
Level 1-8: Cyclops
Level 1-9: Deadpool
Level 1-10: Magneto
Level 1-11: Riddler
Level 1-12: Harley Quinn
Level 1-13: Bane
Level 1-14: Catwoman
Level 1-15: Judgedredd
Level 1-16: Robin
Level 1-17: Redskull
Level 1-18: Thing
Level 1-19: Twoface
Level 1-20: Daredevil
The Comic Quiz Answers Level 2
Level 2-1: Cyborg
Level 2-2: Invisible Woman
Level 2-3: Jubilee
Level 2-4: Cable
Level 2-5: Longshot
Level 2-6: Magma
Level 2-7: Static
Level 2-8: Jean Grey
Level 2-9: Ghost Rider
Level 2-10: Spawn
Level 2-11: Deadshot
Level 2-12: Gambit
Level 2-13: Atom
Level 2-14: Supergirl
Level 2-15: Hawkeye
Level 2-16: Preacher
Level 2-17: Animal Man
Level 2-18: Huntress
Level 2-19: Antman
Level 2-20: Savage Dragon
The Comic Quiz Answers Level 3
Level 3-1: Darkseid
Level 3-2: Black Lightning
Level 3-3: Greenarrow
Level 3-4: Bigbarda
Level 3-5: Captain Britain
Level 3-6: Black Panther
Level 3-7: Batgirl
Level 3-8: Rorschach
Level 3-9: Sinestro
Level 3-10: Storm
Level 3-11: Powergirl
Level 3-12: Zatanna
Level 3-13: Hawkman
Level 3-14: Shehulk
Level 3-15: Scottpilgrim
Level 3-16: Scarecrow
Level 3-17: Black Canary
Level 3-18: Death Stroke
Level 3-19: War Machine
Level 3-20: Juggernaut
The Comic Quiz Answers Level 4
Level 4-1: Moon Knight
Level 4-2: Swamp Thing
Level 4-3: Spiderwoman
Level 4-4: Killer Croc
Level 4-5: Iron Fist
Level 4-6: Rogue
Level 4-7: Raven
Level 4-8: Batwoman
Level 4-9: Rocketeer
Level 4-10: Blackwidow
Level 4-11: Tick
Level 4-12: Manhunter
Level 4-13: Gordon
Level 4-14: Loki
Level 4-15: Elektra
Level 4-16: Superboy
Level 4-17: Blue Beetle
Level 4-18: Mystique
Level 4-19: Jonahhex
Level 4-20: Venom
The Comic Quiz Answers Level 5
Level 5-1: Sandman
Level 5-2: Lexluthor
Level 5-3: Spectre
Level 5-4: Dr Doom
Level 5-5: Night Crawler
Level 5-6: Silver Surfer
Level 5-7: Kingpin
Level 5-8: Hellboy
Level 5-9: Catman
Level 5-10: Beast
Level 5-11: Captain Marvel
Level 5-12: Human Torch
Level 5-13: Loislane
Level 5-14: Luke Cage
Level 5-15: Nick Fury
Level 5-16: Poison Ivy
Level 5-17: Dr Strange
Level 5-18: Punisher
Level 5-19: Booster Gold
Level 5-20: Alfred
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