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The Impossible Test 3 Walkthrough

The Impossible Test 3 Walkthrough, Solutions and Cheats for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. If you are stuck and need puzzle answers, then use our complete list of solved puzzles answers below. The game app is created by PixelCUBE Studios and is available on iTunes and Google Play store. The highly anticipated sequel in The Impossible Test series got more than 25 million players. The game features 50 unique questions and hundreds of steps to solve. You collect medals and secrets. So you think you have what it takes to finish the test. Hope you will find our The Impossible Test 3 Walkthrough
The Impossible Test 3 Walkthrough -compressed

The Impossible Test 3 Walkthrough, Guide and Cheats

The Impossible Test 3 Walkthrough Level 1-50:
Level 1: It’s the Chicken
Level 2: Tap the top one
Level 3: Choose 1.
Level 4: Joypad Arrow: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A
Level 5: Tap when yellow
Level 6: Touch the face while the mouth is closed.
Level 7: Tap Woody at the middle of screen.
Level 8: Hammer all the nails in –> Use 2 fingers and tap fast.
Level 9: Tap B
Level 10: Tap the potato when it’s inside the frame.
Level 11: Move the fish under the word “Fish Food”, then Shake your device up and down.
Level 12: Tap the alarm.
Level 13: Remember phone number T: 647-PIXELCUBE
Level 14: What comes after N –> Tap right after “N”
Level 15: Left
Level 16: Scratch the word 200,000,000 and it will become 200. Then slide the soap 200 times.
Level 17: Remember the number af yellow stamps.
Level 18: Turn your device upside down and tap forward button.
Level 19: Tap the number of envelopes right now.
Level 20: Tap the heart 5 times
Level 21: Tap 29,641,122 –> 320,220 –> 96,103 –> your time on top left, your life on bottom right –> 0.0000 at last.
Level 22: Tap when the following text shows: “good job not fighting the troll! Tap the troll to continue”
Level 23: Wait util the cards change to: 3, 4, 3 and then tap the screen.
Level 24: Remember the sequence, could be brown egg.
Level 25: last number in the second row.
Level 26: Tap number 1 in the equation.
Level 27: Shake your device until the glass break.
Level 28: Tap all the paper ball without dropping anyone.
Level 29: Tap around the ball to make it spin 5 times.
Level 30: Tap to open the book –> Tap and close the book.
Level 31: Tap the time top left
Level 32: Slide the cage until it disappears, then do the same on the ghost after it’s released.
Level 33: Tap all the month, they all have more than 28 days.
Level 34: Enter “The Secret Word”. in the text box
Level 35: Top right: #YOLO #SWAG #REKT #SELFIE
Level 36: Answer is “beating all of them”.
Level 37: Wait 2 seconds
Level 38: Choose +1, same as number 1.
Level 39: Tap the helicopter until the bar is full.
Level 40: Answer is red, yellow, red, blue, blue, yellow and red.
Level 41: Turn your device and let it facing down, tap when the bat appears again.
Level 42: Count the numbers of “M”, then tap the middle as how many M are there.
Level 43: Total is 308 questions.
Level 44: Tap 3 the targets that are not spinning and pass.
Level 45: Tap the bottom left cube twice and pass.
Level 46: Tap the stop button when the number is 8.
Level 47: Slide the bomb away and tap the right button.
Level 48: Tap the face when the eye closed.
Level 49: Slide down the background to see a red button, then release the background and the red button will turn green. Just Tap the button when it turnes green.
Level 50: The number is 647-PIXELCUBE = 647-749352823.

Hope you enjoy our The Impossible Test 3 Walkthrough.