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The Jackbox Level 1-20 Walkthrough Game Guide

The Jackbox Level 1-20 Walkthrough Game Guide. Find help below if you are stuck on a puzzle. Open the puzzle boxes to reveal a secret story. Only the smartest and quickest can solve levels and complete the game app. Download The Jackbox now and start your adventure with 20 free levels.

What the developer MOBIPLAY OU say about the game app:

The Jackbox is a tricky puzzle game where your mission is to solve mysterious puzzle boxes before they pop. Binxy The Clown is hiding something in the mysterious boxes. Your goal is to open them by solving mechanical puzzles and peculiar riddles. To unlock the secret of this strange circus and its staff you’ll need to solve more than 60 of these boxes! In the circus, fun is guaranteed for everyone…

You can download Rescue Cut on App Store and Google Play. A game by MOBIPLAY OU.

The Jackbox Level 1-20 Walkthrough Game Guide

Support the developer by using their hints. Solve puzzles before it pops.

Level 1-20

Thinking outside of the box just got a new meaning.

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