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Tips & Tricks: Play any movie format on your iPad!

Are you, or have you been looking for a great app to view, store and manage your digital videos on your iPad? Look no further, cause this app is probably just what you’re looking for!
CineXPlayer HD is the name, it’s developed by NXP Software BV, and you can pick it up right for the small price of $3.99.
The program supports the following file types:
MKV, XVid, MP4, H264, AC3, E-AC3, AVI, MOV, M4A,MP3, M4V
And now that you have these files on your iPad, why not throw in support for subtitles (.srt) files?! Yes, that’s right! Not only does it support your HD files, you’ll also be able to enjoy the videos with subtitles!
Also it’s able to scale your standard definition videos up to a near HD-quality!
Who wouldn’t want this and a lot more? And for only $3.99 I would say it’s definitely worth it!
As the developers say them self: “Don’t be hampered by the restrictions of your iPad’s video player ever again!”