Tricky Test 2 Walkthrough All Levels and Questions

Tricky Test 2 Walkthrough and Guide to all levels. We have solved all the tricky questions to help you. So if you are stuck then use our cheats below. Some levels are hard to solve os it’s nice to get some help. If you have 140 IQ points remaining after solving all the tricky puzzles, you will be pronounced a Genius.
Tricky Test 2 – Think Outside. Don’t Trick Me is a whole new puzzle game. The game app is developed by Orangenose Studios. There are 60 puzzles to solve. New questions are added every week so stay tuned for more answers.
Tricky Test 2 Walkthrough All Levels

Tricky Test 2 Walkthrough All Levels

Level 0: “Put everything in the box”

Drag the word “Everything” into the box.

Level 1: “Tap the green button 2 times”

Click the button slowly as it moves positions.

Level 2: Drag me into the square box

Drag the word “me” in the center of the box

Level 3: Tap in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 4

Just do as the instruction says.

Level 4: How many holes are there in an underwear?


Level 5: Which is furthest away from us?


Level 6: Let’s see what you got here!

Scratch the ticket to win 20c

Level 7: How many holes are there?


Level 8: Which city has 3/7 of a chicken, 2/3 of a cat and half of a goat?


Level 9: Close the window

Click the “X” on the top right of the window

Level 10: Stop them from fighting

Put a finger on the cat, one finger on the dog and swipe to the sides.

Level 11: Tap in the following order: 20, 14, 9, 43, 45, 10

The numbers that say the order disappear after you tap the first one, so write them down or memorize the correct order.

Level 12: Tap Elephant

Click the word “elephant”

Level 13: Tap the yellow button 13 times

Tap it and count in your mind, ignoring the counter

Level 14: Which bear has no ear?


Level 15: Do this

Rotate your device to the right

Level 16: I’m 2 years old!

Drag the match to the middle candle, then tilt your device either left or right to light a second candle from the first one.

Level 17: Look out for the owl on your right

Tap your device to the left and tap the owl that appears.

Level 18: Put this elephant into the fridge

Drag the word “elephant” over the fridge.

Level 19: Can I have some Ketchups?

Turn your device upside down and shake it well until the ketchup falls from the bottle.

Level 20: You are getting engaged. Your fiance has hidden the engagement ring. If only one statement is true, where’s the ring?

Tap the middle box