Trivia for All Answers and Solutions All Levels

Trivia for All Answers All Levels. Use our cheats and solutions below to solve the images. The game is simple you just use pics to complete the questions. If you are stuck and need help then look below. Our walkthrough and guide will help you solve those difficult levels.
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Trivia for All Answers All Levels

Trivia for All Answers All Levels

Trivia for All Answers Level 1

1-1. What is the largest bird in the world? 1. bird 2. world answers: ostrich
1-2. What colour are the eyes of new babies? 1. eyes 2. babies answers: blue
1-3. What gas are the floating birthday balloons filled with? 1. gas 2. birthday answers: 3. balloons answers: helium
1-4. Which desert covers most of North Africa? 1. desert 2. Africa answers: Sahara
1-5. What Greek mythological horse sprang from the blood of Medusa? 1. horse 2. blood answers: 3. Medusa answers: Pegasus
1-6. Who is really tall and yellow with brown spots? 1. yellow 2. spots answers: giraffe
1-7. What is the name of the famous tower in France? 1. tower 2. France answers: Eiffel
1-8. What animal is pink and has a curly tail? 1. pink 2. tail answers: pig
1-9. What is a floating mass of ice? 1. floating 2. ice answers: iceberg
1-10. What was the name of the queen of Egypt about 2000 years ago? 1. queen 2. Egypt answers: Cleopatra

Trivia for All Answers Level 2

2-1. What animal with big ears cannot jump? 1. ears 2. jump answers: elephant
2-2. In which regions on Earth do the most destructive storms happen? 1. Earth 2. storms answers: tropics
2-3. Animals that produce milk and have fur. 1. milk 2. fur answers: mammals
2-4. What is the name of the keyboard instrument that you hold to your chest and squeeze? 1. keyboard 2. chest answers: accordion
2-5. What type of triangle has three unequal sides? 1. triangle 2. three answers: scalene
2-6. What element is missing in this list water, air, fire, ….? 1. fire earth 2. water answers:
2-7. What brand of truck comes from the abbreviation used in the army for the “General Purpose” vehicle, G.P? 1. truck 2. army answers: Jeep
2-8. What fruit contains potassium and helps to reduce blood pressure? 1. fruit 2. potassium answers: 3. pressure answers: banana
2-9. Who built an ark and let the animals in two by two? 1. ark 2. animals answers: 3. two answers: Noah
2-10. Which plant with thorns can be found in the driest places on Earth? 1. plant 2. thorns answers: 3. Earth answers: cactus

Trivia for All Answers Level 3

3-1. What is the name of a monkey that has red and blue face? 1. monkey 2. red answers: 3. face answers: mandrill
3-2. In which city would you find Buckingham Palace? 1. city 2. Palace answers: London
3-3. Which animal with long claws is the slowest moving mammal in the world? 1. claws 2. mammal answers: sloth
3-4. What language is spoken in Austria? 1. language 2. Austria answers: German
3-5. What is the second planet from the Sun? 1. planet 2. Sun answers: Venus
3-6. What is the scientist that studies rocks called? 1. scientist 2. rocks answers: geologist
3-7. Which planet is known as the Red planet? 1. planet 2. Red answers: Mars
3-8. A vehicle with pedals. 1. vehicle 2. pedals answers: bicycle
3-9. The world famous tennis tournament that takes place in England each summer. 1. tennis 2. England answers: 3. summer answers: Wimbledon
3-10. Pharaoh is the common title of the monarchs of this ancient kingdom. 1. Pharaoh 2. monarchs answers: Egypt

Trivia for All Answers Level 4

4-1. What sea creature is 95 percent water? 1. sea 2. creature answers: 3. water answers: jellyfish
4-2. In Greek mythology, who was the god of the ocean? 1. Greek 2. mythology answers: 3. ocean answers: Poseidon
4-3. Which shape has six sides? 1. shape 2. six answers: hexagon
4-4. What do you call a circular food from Italy? 1. food 2. Italy answers: pizza
4-5. Who created the three laws of motion? 1. three 2. laws answers: Newton
4-6. What is the body part that all birds have? 1. body 2. birds answers: beak
4-7. What force pulls all objects toward the center of the Earth? 1. objects 2. center 3. Earth answers: gravity
4-8. Most of these animals have scales. 1. animals 2. scales answers: reptiles
4-9. What is the top layer of human skin? 1. layer 2. skin answers: epidermis
4-10. Which sport is associated with a velodrome? 1. sport 2. velodrome answers: cycling

Trivia for All Answers Level 5

5-1. What do we call a group of birds? 1. group 2. birds answers: flock
5-2. When heat is transferred through a liquid or gas, it is called … 1. heat 2. liquid answers: 3. gas answers: convection
5-3. Where do gorillas sleep? 1. gorillas 2. sleep answers: nest
5-4. What vehicle runs on rails and blows a whistle? 1. rails 2. whistle answers: train
5-5. What is a coat that looks like a blanket with a hole in the center for the head? 1. coat 2. blanket answers: 3. head answers: poncho
5-6. What is the largest fruit from Southeast Asia? 1. fruit 2. Asia answers: jackfruit
5-7. The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by which country? 1. Liberty 2. country answers: France
5-8. What is the name of the Greek god of music? 1. name 2. god answers: 3. music answers: Apollo
5-9. What animal uses tools more than any other animal except man? 1. animal 2. tools answers: 3. man answers: chimpanzee
5-10. What bird can fly backward? 1. bird 2. fly answers: hummingbird

Trivia for All Answers Level 6

6-1. Which of the five main senses is the most dominant? 1. five 2. senses answers: vision
6-2. What is the largest island on Earth? 1. island 2. Earth answers: Greenland
6-3. What animal has a tongue that is longer than its tail? 1. tongue 2. tail answers: chameleon
6-4. What chemical element is named after Cyprus? 1. element 2. Cyprus answers: copper
6-5. Which color symbolizes the deadly sin of envy? 1. color 2. envy answers: green
6-6. What is the color of the black box in airplanes? 1. black 2. box answers: 3. airplanes answers: orange
6-7. What animal can have teeth longer than half of its body? 1. animal 2. teeth answers: 3. body answers: narwhal
6-8. Which French Emperor and a cake have the same name? 1. French 2. Emperor answers: 3. cake answers: Napoleon
6-9. What do butterflies use to taste their food? 1. butterflies 2. food answers: feet
6-10. What is the color of the polar bear’s skin? 1. color 2. bear answers: 3. skin answers: black

Trivia for All Answers Level 7

7-1. Which mollusc has three hearts? 1. mollusc 2. three answers: 3. hearts answers: octopus
7-2. Which bird lays the biggest egg found on land? 1. bird 2. egg answers: 3. land answers: ostrich
7-3. Which is the only metal that is liquid at normal room temperature and that has the same name as a planet? 1. metal 2. temperature answers: 3. planet answers: mercury
7-4. Which animals holds their hands in group while they eat, while they rest and while they sleep? 1. hands 2. eat answers: 3. sleep answers: otters
7-5. What country was considering beer to be a soft drink until 2011? 1. country 2. beer answers: 3. drink answers: Russia
7-6. What animal of the sea can detect one part of blood in 100 million parts of water? 1. sea 2. blood answers: 3. water answers: shark
7-7. What is the smallest ocean in the world? 1. ocean 2. world answers: Arctic
7-8. In which country is the tallest mountain partially located? 1. country 2. mountain answers: Nepal
7-9. Who is 1% shorter in the evening than in the morning? 1. evening 2. morning answers: humans
7-10. What is the 3rd largest land mammal after the elephant and the rhinoceros? 1. elephant 2. rhinoceros answers: hippopotamus

Trivia for All Answers Level 8

8-1. What does a giraffe use to clean its own ears? 1. giraffe 2. clean answers: 3. ears answers: tongue
8-2. What was the official language of England for over 600 years? 1. language 2. England answers: French
8-3. What animal can hear a mouse moving underneath a foot of snow? 1. mouse 2. snow answers: coyote
8-4. What scientists discovered radium? 1. radium 2. scientists answers: answers: Curie
8-5. Benjamin Franklin invented lightning rod, a kind of stove, and this musical instrument. 1. lightning 2. stove answers: 3. instrument answers: armonica
8-6. What piece of clothing was invented by French fashion designer Louis Reard in 1946? 1. clothing 2. designer answers: bikini
8-7. What animal almost always gives birth to quadruplets? 1. animal 2. quadruplets answers: armadillos
8-8. Worcestershire sauce, the popular English sauce, is made from what little fish? 1. sauce 2. fish answers: anchovies
8-9. Which organ is like a sponge, lightweight and fills most of the space inside the chest? 1. organ 2. sponge answers: 3. chest answers: lungs
8-10. What is the French name for a fish stew with provençal herbs and spices in the broth, that combines many kinds of fish? 1. stew 2. herbs answers: 3. spices answers: Bouillabaisse

Trivia for All Answers Level 9

9-1. How many people play in a water polo team? 1. people 2. team answers: seven
9-2. What is the practice of covering the roots of a plant with a layer of bark or other material to protect them from frost? 1. roots 2. plant answers: 3. frost answers: mulching
9-3. What is the collective name for fishing lines, hooks, floats and weights? 1. lines 2. hooks answers: 3. floats answers: tackle
9-4. Bricks made from earth mixed with straw and dried in the sun. 1. Bricks 2. straw answers: 3. sun answers: adobe
9-5. What are the largest flowers of the genus Helianthus? 1. flowers answers: Sunflower
9-6. How many arms or tentacles do squids have? 1. arms 2. tentacles answers: 3. squids answers: ten
9-7. Cork is harvested from bark of what kind of tree? 1. Cork 2. bark 3. tree answers: oak
9-8. Koala, kangaroo, and wallaby are members of this group of mammals. 1. Koala 2. kangaroo answers: 3. wallaby answers: marsupials
9-9. What is the unit of currency in Russia? 1. currency 2. Russia answers: Ruble
9-10. What tower became the tallest tower in the world in 1889 (taller than the Great Pyramids)? 1. tower 2. world answers: 3. Pyramids answers: Eiffel

Trivia for All Answers Level 10

10-1. In which part of the body would you usually find varicose veins? 1. body 2. veins answers: legs
10-2. What is the other word for belly button? 1. word 2. belly answers: umbilicus
10-3. Which reptiles are camouflaged by changing color? 1. reptiles 2. color answers: chameleons
10-4. In Europe, what is the color representing the easy ski slope for skiers? 1. Europe 2. slope answers: 3. skiers answers: green
10-5. What replaces the iron in the game of Monopoly? 1. iron 2. game answers: cat
10-6. What is the name of the tiny blood vessels? 1. name 2. blood answers: capillaries
10-7. Part of the human anatomy protecting the heart and the lungs. 1. anatomy 2. heart answers: 3. lungs answers: thorax
10-8. How do you call the joint that connects a foot with a leg? 1. foot 2. leg answers: ankle
10-9. What is the largest state in the United States of America? 1. America answers: Alaska
10-10. Which fruit is traditionally used in the recipe for Liverpool Tart? 1. fruit 2. Tart answers: lemon