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Troll Face Quest Video Memes Walkthrough

Troll Face Quest Video Memes Walkthrough and Solutions. We have solved all levels for you below. Our cheats will help you pass those difficult levels. Fans of escape games will just love the new levels of video memes from “TrollTube”. Find hidden objects full of jokes, pranks and puzzles. Use our walkthrough guide when you are stuck and need help.
The game app is developed by Spil Games. You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play. The app works with Android, iPone, iPod and iPad. There are 48 new levels of riddles and teasers. 6 TFQ unlucky bonus levels to solve.

Troll Face Quest Video Memes Walkthrough

Make sure to get the ducks before passing the levels.

Level 1:

Tap the juice. Hold and pull the legs.

Level 2:

Tap the green head of the tomato a few times.

Level 3:

Tap the squirrel, troll, squirrel, troll and troll again.

Level 4:

Hold and drag the helmet on the poster to the right man’s head.
Tap the radio.
** There is duck behind the television.

Level 5:

Tap the girl a few times until she is on the tree. Then tap the trash can and the girl again.

Level 6:

Click play. Hold and drag the man to the left. Tap the Left elephant then right elephant and the Left elephant again.

Level 7:

Click the 3310 drawer on the right middle row. Click it one more time then tap the blue phone. Tap the black phone on the man’s hand. Finally tap the red button on the blender.

Level 8:

Tap the man then curtain. Next tap the pink wheel (top middle). Finally tap the curtain.

Level 9:

Tap the man on the 1st row, right corner in the audience.
** There is duck behind the hand statue

Level 10:

Tap the man then the baby few times.
** There is duck behind the cactus.