Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster Game Walkthrough – 3 stars

Here you will find 3-stars solutions for all levels and Worlds of this popular game for Android, iPhone and iPad. This guide shows a video walkthrough including all levels for World 1, World 2 and World 3.
“In Tupsu, you connect your cute furry little monster’s eyes to floating islands that advance him closer to the stars he wants to collect. Levels offer a wide array of difficulty, some even quite challenging even for advance players. Sometimes you have to think way outside the box to clear levels.”
Tupsu -The Furry Little Monster Game Solutions World 1 – Level 1-5
Birth Level 1-1
Tupsu- The Little Furry Monster Walkthrough Level 1-1
First Steps Level 1-2

Toys Lvel 1-3

Pattern Recognition Level 1-4

Under the stars Level 1-5