Under a Spell Answers All Levels and Categories

Under a Spell Answers, Cheats and Solutions All Levels, Themes and categories. A game for puzzle lovers. Solve unique and challenging levels backed by the help of Artificial Intelligence. Need help with a puzzle for the game by Happymagenta. Solve amazing game puzzles and step into the word magic. Words from all books, movies, articles humanity ever created through all its history. Find hidden words in a mixture of letters. 1800 levels and 8 languages. Unique daily puzzles with progressive rewards. Get the highest score and conquer the leaderboard.
Download the game app on iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Play on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device. The app supports Android and iOS. We enjoy the gameplay. Download the game to enjoy the fun.
Under a Spell Answers and Solutions All Levels

Under a Spell Answers and Solutions All Levels

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Under A Spell Intro To Spell Magic Answers

#1: Home

Under A Spell Answers Eagle Feather

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Under A Spell Answers Sonorous Horn

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Under A Spell Answers Halloween Pumpkin

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Under A Spell Dazzling Crystal

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Under A Spell Datura Mushroom

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