Unriddle Riddle Level 1-40 Answers

Unriddle Riddle Level 1-40 Answers and solutions for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you are stuck on a puzzle riddle level, then use the complete list of answers below. The game is developed by Blue Sky Games. Every level consists of riddles – and you are challenged to unriddle it, by solving the pictures. You can share your puzzle below if you need help with a level we haven’t solved. Just use our walkthrough guide, cheats and solutions to advance in this fun game.
Unriddle Riddle Answers

Unriddle Riddle Level 1-40 Answers, solutions and cheats

Unriddle Riddle Level 1-40 Answers:
Level 1: Bell
Level 2: Fly
Level 3: Waterfall
Level 4: Shadow
Level 5: Time
Level 6: Money
Level 7: Leaf
Level 8: Tissue
Level 9: Wet
Level 10: Echo
Level 11: Thursday
Level 12: Make up
Level 13: Window
Level 14: Time
Level 15: Charcoal
Level 16: Glass
Level 17: Wave
Level 18: Four
Level 19: Bubble
Level 20: Tree
Level 21: Splinter
Level 22: Shirt
Level 23: Pig
Level 24: Penny
Level 25: Cipher
Level 26: Reflection
Level 27: Hole
Level 28: Music
Level 29: Cloud
Level 30: Volcano
Level 31: Kangaroo
Level 32: Fart
Level 33: Shoe
Level 34: Candlw
Level 35: Nose
Level 36: Bullet
Level 37: North
Level 38: I
Level 39: Noise
Level 40: Watermelon