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Urban Pictionary Level 1 Answers

Are you searching for a guide for the first level of the game Urban Pictionary – Slang Dictionary Word Game by Top Free Apps And Games?
We got the answers right here. In this game you have to guess the slang term with nothing but the pictures as clues.
If you’re having trouble with any of the solutions this is the place to look!
If you feel there’s some answers we’ve forgotten, or if you have something to add feel free to leave a comment in the bottom!

Level 1-1: Bull Shit
Level 1-2: Ass Hole
Level 1-3: Crack Head
Level 1-4: Baby Maker
Level 1-5: Butter Face
Level 1-6: Blue Balls
Level 1-7: Brewski
Level 1-8: Bad Ass
Level 1-9: Second Base
Level 1-10: Beer Goggles
Level 1-11: Coke Head
Level 1-12: Crop Dust
Level 1-13: Twerk
Level 1-14: Doggy Style
Level 1-15: Gold Digger
Level 1-16: Happy Trail
Level 1-17: Blow Job
Level 1-18: Moob
Level 1-19: Mullet
Level 1-20: Circle Jerk