Urban Pictionary Level 4 Answers

Here you will find Urban Pictionary Level 4 answers, solutions, cheats and help.
This great fun game has been created by Dan Novaes and is super challenging and fun.
It’s all about testing your Urban Dictionary knowledge, as theres a lot of words from that dictionary in this fun puzzle game.

Urban Pictionary Level 4 Answers and Solutions

Urban Pictionary Level 4 Answer 1-16:
Level 4-1: Lady Lumps
Level 4-2: Bitch Slap
Level 4-3: Jackass
Level 4-4: Hipster
Level 4-5: Double Bag
Level 4-6: Motor Boat
Level 4-7: Home Girl
Level 4-8: Night Cap
Level 4-9: Balls Deep
Level 4-10: Fake Bake
Level 4-11: Deep Shit
Level 4-12: Meat Head
Level 4-13: Kingpin
Level 4-14: Jail Bait
Level 4-15: Jungle Juice
Level 4-16: Four Twenty