Urban Pictionary Level 5 Answers

Here you will be able to find all the Urban Pictionary Level 5 answers, solutions, cheats and all the help you could possibly need to complete level 5 of this great puzzle game.
The game has been created by Dan Novaes which we are happy he chose to do, cause this game is extremely fun and challenging to anyone that has a remote interest and/or knowledge of the Urban Dictionary.

Urban Pictionary Level 5 Answers and Solutions

Urban Pictionary Level 5 Answers 1-16:
Level 5-1: Cock Block
Level 5-2: Ass to Mouth
Level 5-3: Knuckle Head
Level 5-4: Damn
Level 5-5: Ladies Man
Level 5-6: Nose Candy
Level 5-7: Dough Boy
Level 5-8: Free Ball
Level 5-9: Dome
Level 5-10: Dime Piece
Level 5-11: Free Ball
Level 5-12: Fruit Cake
Level 5-13: Hammed
Level 5-14: Horn Dog
Level 5-15: Dutch Oven
Level 5-16: Hot Box