Urban Pictionary Level 6 Answers

Here’s the guidesetc.com guide to Urban Pictionary Level 6 answers, solutions and help.
This is, for now, the final levels of this otherwise awesome game.
It has been created by Dan Novaes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from iTunes/AppStore by clicking the image in the bottom of this guide.
These answers should be all you need in order to complete level 6 of this great puzzle game.

Urban Pictionary Level 6 Answers and Solutions

Urban Pictionary Level 6 Answers 1-16:
Level 6-1: Ghost Ride
Level 6-2: Hung
Level 6-3: Iced Out
Level 6-4: Raw Dog
Level 6-5: John
Level 6-6: Guido
Level 6-7: Juice Head
Level 6-8: Band Wagon
Level 6-9: Jap
Level 6-10: Jenkem
Level 6-11: Knob Gobbler
Level 6-12: Cankle
Level 6-13: Kerfuffle
Level 6-14: Knackers
Level 6-15: Moose Knuckle
Level 6-16: Mandal