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The Wanted Level System of GTA V

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If you’re wondering what will happen at the different wanted levels in GTA 5, here’s a brief overview!
So below you’ll find information on all six wanted levels, and some tips on what to do, and what not to do while on these levels.
Wanted Level 1:
– The cops will run towards you, tackle you and handcuff you.
– If in a car you’ll have 25 seconds to pull over.
– If you do not pull over in 25 seconds, you’ll get to the 2nd wanted level.
– The cops will not fire their weapons at this stage.
Wanted Level 2:
– Cops will use their weapons, if you use yours.
Wanted Level 3:
– Police will always use weapons.
– You’ll see roadblocks.
– There will be helicopters as well.
Wanted level 4:
– Roadblocks will have spikes now.
– Search area will get larger.
– You’ll see SWAT cars, troopers and everything.
Wanted level 5:
– You’ll see huge amounts of police, FBI agents etc. at this level.
– Lots of smoke grenades.
Wanted level 6:
– At this point there’ll be lots and lots of military.
– Road blocks everywhere.
– You might even be lucky enough to spot a tank or 2.