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Whats the Emoji? Cheerfull Answers All Levels

If you’re looking for answers for the puzzle game Whats the Emoji and the level pack Cheerfull that have been created by ARE Apps Ltd?
You will find all of these right below.
In this game you will have to guess the answer only based on two Emoticons. There’s more than 900 answers in total in this game so there should be enough to keep you playing for hours and hours.
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Whats the Emoji? Cheerfull Answers

Whats the Emoji? Cheerfull Answers

Level 1: Funny
Level 2: Newyork
Level 3: Arrowworm
Level 4: Funking
Level 5: Policewoman
Level 6: Paperboy
Level 7: Worldcup
Level 8: Hatpin
Level 9: Popcorn
Level 10: Busman
Level 11: Dinnerparty
Level 12: Wedlock
Level 13: Breadwinner
Level 14: Sunnyday
Level 15: Rosemary
Level 16: Banknote
Level 17: Windflower
Level 18: Boombox
Level 19: Funhouse
Level 20: Byebye
Level 21: Sailor
Level 22: Towerlike
Level 23: Postbox
Level 24: Telegraph
Level 25: Pinhead
Level 26: Funtimes
Level 27: Cookbook
Level 28: Starship
Level 29: Timetravel
Level 30: Airbus
Level 31: Nighttime
Level 32: Frenchtoast
Level 33: Bankcard
Level 34: Showered
Level 35: Ghostwriter
Level 36: Moonstruck
Level 37: Campout
Level 38: Scrolldown
Level 39: Newsflash
Level 40: Surfsup
Level 41: Desert
Level 42: Teashop
Level 43: Mousepad
Level 44: Handbook
Level 45: SkiMobile
Level 46: Chickenrun
Level 47: Moonstone
Level 48: Uphill
Level 49: Timeflies
Level 50: Handwrite
Level 51: Handwrite
Level 52: Mailman
Level 53: Bookcase
Level 54: Lighthouse
Level 55: Armlock
Level 56: Beardown
Level 57: Sunbathe
Level 58: Xbox
Level 59: Lightenup
Level 60: Playgroup
Level 61: Cloudnine
Level 62: Turnback
Level 63: Coolhead
Level 64: Footbath
Level 65: Musical
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