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What's Missing Level 1 Answers

what's missing
Are you looking for a guide for level 1 of the game What’s Missing by Six Waves Inc.?
We got all the solutions right here at guidesetc.com.
In this game you will see four pictures, and one ” ? “. It’s the word that should have been in the spot of the question mark, that you will have to guess.
It’s what ever can be connected with the other images. Some of them are pretty easy, yet some are fairly hard and that’s where guidesetc.com will do its best to help you out.
Level 1-1: D
Level 1-2: 4
Level 1-3: Nose
Level 1-4: Mickey Mouse
Level 1-5: Basketball
Level 1-6: Cat
Level 1-7: Seven
Level 1-8: O
Level 1-9: Down
Level 1-10: Right Foot
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