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What's the Scramble Answers All Levels

Here is yet another puzzle game guide by guidesetc.com. This time it’s What’s the Scramble Answers. This great game was created by Candywriter, LLC. The same company that brought us What’s the Difference, What’s the Saying and What’s the Pic among many more great and popular games.
The videos are from our YouTube channel: Bloatedhouse.
In this game you will see an image for a brief moment and then the image will scramble leaving you with piece that you have to put together in order to get to the original picture once again.
Some of them are quite easy while others seems to be a bit more difficult.
A great tip might be to, when you see the original picture, focus on something that stands out in the image, for example red lips or a house of something like that, and remember where on the image that object was. That should make it easier for you to solve the level that you’re stuck on.
If however that doesn’t work for you the below videos might prove helpful.
What's the Scramble Answers

What’s the Scramble Answers and Solutions

What’s the Scramble Answers Level 1-10:

What’s the Scramble Answers Level 11-20:
Coming soon!
The rest of the levels are also on their way.
This fun and addicting puzzle game can be downloaded from iTunes and AppStore for iPhone and iPad by clicking the below image. It’s free!