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What's the Team? NFL Answers 1-20

What’s the Team? NFL Answers, Solutions and cheats.
Are you looking for all 20 answers for What’s the Team? NFL level pack? We got them here. This game is created by ARE Apps Ltd.
In this game you will see something related to the NFL and a certain team. And then you will have to guess which NFL team is the right answer.
So if you think you know everything about NFL this great puzzle game is a fun way to test that knowledge.
Simply download it and get going.
It can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from AppStore/iTunes by clicking the image in the bottom of this page.
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What’s the Team? NFL Answers Level 1-20

What’s the Team? NFL Answers 1-20:
Level 1: Patriots
Level 2: Jets
Level 3: Packers
Level 4: Saints
Level 5: Titans
Level 6: Browns
Level 7: Panthers
Level 8: Raiders
Level 9: Cardinals
Level 10: Buccaneers
Level 11: Chargers
Level 12: Giants
Level 13: Bengals
Level 14: Steelers
Level 15: Bears
Level 16: Eagles
Level 17: Cowboys
Level 18: 49ers
Level 19: Chiefs
Level 20: Bills