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What’s the Saying Answers Level 31-45

Looking for help with level 31-45 of the game What’s the Saying by Cheat Master and Friends for iPhone and iPad? We got that for you right here!
These levels are getting harder and harder it seems, so it’s only fair, that you require some assistance with some of them! Which is why we’re here. Level 31-45 cheats can be found right here.
The levels seem to be random, so what I saw as level 31 might not be yours, but you should be able to find what you’re looking for in this list. We’ve written what we saw on the images to make it easier for you to find the right answer! If you’re on your computer, you can search the answers. Just use this command:
PC: Ctrl + f
Mac: Cmd + f
Level 31-45 Solutions
Level 31 The word economy = Growing economy
Level 32 4 times it + a green light = Go for it
Level 33 A finger pointing at sea (black) = Black sea
Level 34 Four times give and four times get = Forgive and forget
Level 35 4 times “All” + 0.00 dollars = Free for all
Level 36 A man thinking + a box = Think outside the box
Level 37 History spelled 4 times = History repeats itself
Level 38 A red box + the number 3 = ice cube
Level 39 Dog + 14th of january + PM = Dog day afternoon
Level 40 Heart + 2 below it = Half hearted
Level 41 “I’m” with “U” below it = I am bigger than you
Level 42 Ages spelled 3 times and an arrow on the middle one = Middle ages
Level 43 A globe between two hands = The world in my hands
Level 44 The word sun spelled upwards = Sunrise
Level 45 The word order spelled on a basketball court = Order in the court
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