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What’s the Saying Answers Level 46-60

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What’s the Saying Level 46-60 Solution
What’s the Saying Level 46-60 Cheats
Level 46 50% discount + settle + save $$$ Settle for less
Level 47 After me spelled three times Repeat after me
Level 48 A cat sleeping on top of the word job Sleeping on the job
Level 49 Words ten, bad, tions Bad intentions
Level 50 Stormclouds above a cartoon figure that’s singing Singing in the rain
Level 51 Three 1’s in the middle of the word while Once in a while
Level 52 The word travel above: bering, red and caspian Travel overseas
Level 53 The word evaletor Elevator out of order
Level 54 Feedback spelled backwards Feedback
Level 55 Cheek, tooth and eye with mark at tooth Toothpick
Level 56 U just me Just between you and me
Level 57 The word pour inside an arrow pointing down Downpour
Level 58 Tickled spelled in pink Tickled pink
Level 59 KKK spelled in three rows – 9 k’s Canine (Thanks to Gg)
Level 60 Flight Flight inside a white cloud Connecting flights
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