Where Logic? Answers and Solutions All Levels

Where Logic? Answers and Solutions All Levels. Stuck on a puzzle level then use our cheats. We have solved all packs and trivia levels. Guess the word by using the images presented. Some pictures are hard to figure.
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Where Logic? Answers and Solutions All Levels

Where Logic? Answers and Solutions All Levels

We are currently solving all levels. Please help us by leaving a comment below with your answer. Thanks. This post is meant to be a community where people help each other.

There are three separate trivia games to choose from:

  • What is missing- What is missing in this picture?
  • Find the total – What do these 3 pictures have in common?
  • Two in one – Who are the 2 people whose faces are combined in this picture?
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Find the total Pack Answers

Chess, Football, Controller – Solution: Game
Hamster, Dog, Cat – Solution: PET
Yellow Hat, Guy, Lady – Solution: Work
Graduates, Books, Writing – Solution: Education
Christmas, Living Room – Solution: Decoration
Gold Car, Gold Mining – Solution: Gold
Taking Photo, Posing, Film – Solution: Photo
Kids, Two ladies – Solution: Dancing
Milky way, Earth, Rocket – Solution: SPACE

What is missing Pack Solutions

Camel – Solution: Hump
Shoreline, Beach – Solution: Footprints
World Map – Solution: Australia
Statue of Liberty – Solution: Flame
Football Players – Solution: Ball
Egypt Monuments – Solution: Sphinx
A knight – Solution: Sword
Giraffe – Solution: Ears
City – Solution: Tower
Screaming Child – Solution: Microphone
Ship – Solution: Pipe
Baseball Game – Solution: Bit

Two in one Pack Answers

Putin, Obama
Ronaldo, Messi
Arnold, Sylvester
Travolta, Cruise
Diesel, Willis
Kardashian, Hilton
Hanks, Clooney
Beckham, Butler
Francis, Merkel