Word Academy Adventurer Answers

Word Academy Adventurer Answers, Solutions and Cheats for Android and iOS. Are you stuck on the Adventurer Pack and need help with a puzzle level then use our word guide for this 5×5 board. The game app is made by Scimob, and available on iTunes and Google Play. Graduate from Word Academy with top grades by finding the words for each level. You just need to enroll in Word Academy to unlock hundreds of grids made up of hidden words. The words in each grid have a theme and order. Use our solutions and walkthrough to solve the word puzzles.
The game starts off easy, but the size and number of words increase as you play. From there on the order becomes more important and difficult. So are you stuck because you can’t connect the letters it’s because you have solved the words in the wrong order. Scimob is the creator of 94 Seconds, 94 Degrees and 94%.
In this guide we will cover the pack called “Magician” in this Word Academy Answers guide.
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Word Academy Adventurer Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Word Academy Adventurer Answers Levels 1-20:
Level 1: Media, Cable, Micro, TV
Level 2: Jurist, Case, Trial, Right
Level 3: Stand, Trash, Armpit, Odour
Level 4: Triangle, Circle, Sphere, Square
Level 5: Jam, Spread, Butter, Honey
Level 6: Constable, Flash, Speed ​​- Radar
Level 7: Lighter, Light, Pack, Tobacco
Level 8: Ice, Reflection, Watch, Mirror
Level 9: Gallop, Aerobatics, Harness, Horse
Level 10: Fertilizers, Straw, Manure, Livestock
Level 11: Course, Title, Action, Bourse, Cap
Level 12: Needle, Dice, Point, Couture, Wire
Level 13: Grey, Version, Vehicle, Map
Level 14: Arm, Shooting, Fire, Hunting, Boar
Level 15: Fort, Donjon, Bridge, Castle, Tower
Level 16: Pointe, Star, Chausson, Dance
Level 17: Excise, Frontier, Tax, Customs
Level 18: Compost, Tri, Recycling, Waste
Level 19: Clerc, Sales, While, Bid, Price
Level 20: Swimming, Swimming, Breaststroke, Swimming
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