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Word Architect Medium Level Answers All Chapters

We have solved all chapters for the Medium Level below. We love the game Word Architect. A game where you build words to solve crossword puzzles. There are 400 puzzle levels to solve. The game app is developed by Quarzo Apps.

Word Architect Medium Level Answers All Chapters

Find the solution and cheats below.

Chapter 1.

1. race, acme, cream, arm, care, camera.
2. yellow, well, yowl, owe, low.
3. older, folder, old, fore,lord, elf, role, lore, ore.
4. main, aim, nail, mania, animal, lamina, lima, mail.
5. tree, rest, street, reset, tester, trees/
6. police, clip, oil, pie, pile, epic, cope.
7. letter, reel, tee, let, tree.
8. parrot, port, raptor, trap, part, top, pot.
9. pelmet, peel, melt, pelt, pet, temple.
10. title, ill, tilt, tile, little, tell, till.

Chapter 2.

1. school, solo, soho, cool.
2. sunday, say, any, day, and, days, sad, sand, sun.
3. type, prey, pretty, tyre, yet, pet.
4. leaps, apples, peal, leap, lapse, apple.
5. net, set, tennis, tie, sine, tin, nets, ten, nest, inn, nine.
6. people, pole, pope, peel, elope.
7. length, hen, leg, gen, net, the, then, ten, gent.
8. jungle, gun, lung, glue, june.
9. lane, lean, clean, and, lanced, candle, ace, end, dance.
10. lire, circle, rice, cleric, relic.

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.

Chapter 5.

Chapter 6.

Chapter 7.

Chapter 8.