Word Connect 3 Crosswords Answers All Levels

Word Connect 3 Crosswords Answers and Cheats All Levels, Themes and Packs. Each puzzle contains words associated with one photo. Guess the words and solve all levels. You can tap the picture to zoom in for a closer look. Some answers are straightforward, some are quite tricky. This word game is an excellent. Hundreds of crosswords to solve. Play in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. If you like pics and word association games, this crossword game is for you.
Download the game on iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Play on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device. The app supports Android and iOS. Below you will find the solutions that will help you cheat any of the chapters, parts or episodes. The game is developed by Second Gear Games.
Word Connect 3 Crosswords Answers All Levels

Word Connect 3 Crosswords Answers All Levels

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Word Connect 3 Answers Level 1

#1- 1. Breakfast, eggs, spoon, fork, pancakes, sugar, sifter, napkin.
#1- 2. Tress, bench, seagull, flowers, sand, shoreline, beach.
#1- 3. Apricots, fruits, cherries, currants, bowl, table.
#1- 4. Fire, comfort, coffee, fireplace, steam, phone, warm, tablet, slipper.
#1- 5. Bracelet, cutlery, coffee, waffles, water, bottle, teacup, napkins, dishes, meal.

Word Connect 3 Answers Level 2

#2- 1. Carrots, wood, peeler, celeriac, plank, roots, parsley, leek, vegetables, knife.
#2- 2. Earring, gears, surrealism, beard, buttons, thorax, shirt, man.
#2- 3. Poultry, hens, pumpkin, sky, sunflowers, clouds, wheels, wheelbarrow, hay.
#2- 4. Feathers, embroidery, notes, mystery, pearl, music, carnival, mask.
#2- 5. Pomegranate, exotic, fruits, seeds, slices, passiflora, persimmon.

Word Connect 3 Answers Level 3

#3- 1. Cactus, map, meeting, notebook, laptop, camera, coffee, water, hands, notes, cup.
#3- 2. Sport, players, gymnasium, referee, uniforms, stripes, basketball, team, whistle, throw.
#3- 3. Scale, bowl, cooking, dishes, sink, retro, woman, kitchen, pantry.
#3- 4. Marina, reflection, hooks, octopus, motor, rope, boats, tentacles, hull.
#3- 5. Lamppost, statue, sculpture, angel, wings, silhouette, sun, horn.

Word Connect 3 Answers Level 4

#4- 1. Sushi, rice, cookbook, cooking, food, Makisu, Japanese, recipe, seaweed.
#4- 2. Painting, pottery, market, tablecloth, souvenirs, colors, statue.
#4- 3. Appetizer, strawberries, food, wine, degustation, celebration, platters.
#4- 4. Raspberry, shell, leaves, snail, nature, mollusk, moss, transparency.
#4- 5. Cedar, garden, architecture, clouds, castle, fountain, medieval.

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