Word Pearls Answers All Levels

Word Pearls Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels. Word Pearls is an exciting combination of trivia, word search and word connect, which is a relaxing brain challenge. Each puzzle has a clue. Use it to find the hidden words in each word puzzle! However, words are split into syllables and you need to connect words back together.

Word Pearls: Free Word Games & Puzzles a word puzzle game app by Unico Studio. You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play. Find the Cheats below.
Word Pearls Answers All Levels

Word Pearls Answers All Levels

Earn boosters! Use the spyglass, light bulb or hurtle when you get stuck!

Levels 1-50

Level 1: moon, sun
Level 2: day, week, month
Level 3: solid, gas, liquid
Level 4: large, big, small
Level 5: cookie, bread, pasta
Level 6: North, east, south
Level 7: cashew, peanut, almond, pecan
Level 8: lips, beard, brow, nose
Level 9: wake, coffee, alarm, food
Level 10: elephant, bear, giraffe, lion
Level 11: soda, juice, milk, water
Level 12: table, bed, sofa, couch
Level 13: butter, yogurt, cheese, milk
Level 14: sound, touch, smell, taste, sight
Level 15: lemon, banana, pasta, corn, yolk
Level 16: heart, contract, record, window, mirror, rule, glass
Level 17: subject, delete, compose, message, header, draft, send
Level 18: ceiling, sheet, roof, blanket, tent, skin
Level 19: jeans, ocean, sky, eye, berry
Level 20: radio, elevator, shirt, watch, control, pants
Level 21: earring, glove, shoe, pants, eye, sock, twin
Level 22: honey, insects, fish, grass, berry
Level 23: knife, napkin, glass, fork, bowl, spoon, food, plate
Level 24: concert, beach, party, parade, stadium, pool
Level 25: peach, apricot, avocado, orange, olive, pear, apple
Level 26: cactus, snake, dust, dune, camel, sand
Level 27: Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Boston
Level 28: pumpkin, orange, carrot, persimmon
Level 29: cake, candy, chocolate, pie, cookie
Level 30: coffee, cocoa, espresso, eggnog, tea, latte, cider
Level 31: action, fantasy, drama, comedy, horror, adventure
Level 32: shell, baby,pottery, crystal, life, glass
Level 33: apple, burger, tire, ball, donut, pizza, wheel, pie
Level 34: monitor, paper, printer, screen, mouse, keyboard
Level 35: chard, cabbage, spinach, kale, lettuce, arugula
Level 36: piano, car, keyboard, house, lock, laptop
Level 37: waiter, glass, plate, salad, table, menu, chef
Level 38: gravel, bubbles, food, water, fish, heater
Level 39: dryer, clothes, hamper, hanger, washer
Level 40: strawberry, pomegranate, cherry, ketchup, tomato
Level 41: coast, desert, sea, ocean, mountain, land, jungle, river
Level 42: water, money, breath, food, time, energy
Level 43: fishing, snowman, sled, skate, ski
Level 44: pudding, oatmeal, salad, cereal, soup, noodle
Level 45: phone, change, comb, wallet, money, card, coin, pen, flashlight
Level 46: circle, oval, square, rectangle, star, cube, triangle
Level 47: America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica
Level 48: spinach, kale, avocado, broccoli, kiwi, olive
Level 49: overcast, cloudy, misty, stormy. rainy, windy, sunny, snowy
Level 50: artifact, painting, statue, art, exhibit