Word Pop Answers Level 2 for iPhone and Android

Word Pop Answers Level for iPhone and Android
Solutions for Word Pop level 2 puzzles. If the four word clues is not enough then use the walkthrough below to find your answer! Words Pop is developed by Six Waves on iTunes and by Gamoji Limited on Google Play. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
There are 6 different categories and hundreds of word puzzles to solve, so stay tuned for more.
Word Pop Level 2 solutions 11-30:
Level 2-11: Titanic
Level 2-12: Waitress
Level 2-13: Nightmare
Level 2-14: Italy
Level 2-15: Air Bag
Level 2-16: Starbucks
Level 2-17: Salmon
Level 2-18: Harry Potter
Level 2-19: Chef
Level 2-20: Whale
Level 2-21: Lighthouse
Level 2-22: Lady Gaga
Level 2-23: Magnet
Level 2-24: Sesame Street
Level 2-25: Bicycle
Level 2-26: Pig
Level 2-27: Nurse
Level 2-28: CSI
Level 2-29: Dictionary
Level 2-30: London