WordBrain Themes Professor Answers

WordBrain Themes Professor Answers All Levels. If you are stuck on a theme or level then use our solutions below. Our cheats will help you solve those difficult word puzzles. Just find and swipe the words to solve the increasingly challenging puzzles. You level up from Word Newbie to a Word Super Mastermind. Our walkthrough guide will help you through the theme packs.
The game app features more than 570 level to solve, divided into +100 themes. The app is created by MAG Interactive. You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play App Store. Each Word Brain puzzle has a unique theme that hints to which words are hiding on the board. There are 5 word puzzles per theme . Enjoy our Wordbrain Themes Cheats.
WordBrain Themes Professor Answers

WordBrain Themes Professor Answers All Levels

Wordbrain Themes Birds Answers
Level 1 – Eagle, Duck, Pelican
Level 2 – Swan, Parrot, Falcon
Level 3 – Albatross, Peacock
Level 4 – Chicken, Pigeon, Owl
Level 5 – Woodpecker, Turkey
Wordbrain Themes Family Answers
Level 1 – Mother, Father, Home
Level 2 – Son, Granddaughter
Level 3 – Grandson, Daughter
Level 4 – Sister, Brother, Pet
Level 5 – Niece, Nephew, Child
Wordbrain Themes Music Answers
Level 1 – Pop, Singer, Concert
Level 2 – Studio, Headphones
Level 3 – Classical, Soul, Rap
Level 4 – Guitar, Drums, Dance
Level 5 – Vinyl, Gospel, Disco
Wordbrain Themes Beverages Answers
Level 1 – Beer, Wine, Lemonade
Level 2 – Coffee, Juice, Water
Level 3 – Whiskey, Milkshake
Level 4 – Cocktail, Espresso
Level 5 – Milk, Chocolate, Tea